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Assisting Large and Small Firms Engaged in International Strategies and Export Transactions

Trade and Investment Solutions is the business line dedicated to clients engaged in international strategies and individual export transactions. Through this business line, ITARE assists large firms as well as SMEs in developing market strategies; identifying business opportunities (clients); selecting partners (i.e., agents, distributors, dealers, equity investors); creating financial structures for single or repetitive sales and investments. It can also support emerging market entrepreneurs in scouting advanced countries for sales opportunities and industrial partnerships. ITARE can work with single companies and support supply-chain initiatives. 

Financial Advisory

ITARE can help exporters and importers structure financing solutions in support of single exports or repeated sales. It can also help mitigate payment and other risks and arrange the discount of export receivables to provide immediate liquidity to exporters. ITARE supports new and existing firms in managing working capital and raise capital through import financing, and through debt and equity financing.

export strategy

Thanks to its network in Africa and Middle East, ITARE can assist the client to define a market strategy, identify partners, assess the feasibility of a commercial or industrial project, raise the funding and access risk protection mitigants in the execution of the project.

our tools

To best support its clients, ITARE developed dedicated products and analytical tools.

Market penetration strategies can be supported by ITARE’s distribution manual for identifying, selecting, and developing distribution facilities.

ITARE developed a specific product in support of export deals. This product can be divided in two parts:

  1. Export Review
  2. Operation Structuring

Export Review

The Export Review analyses the feasibility criteria and the best export strategy to structure the operation:

Operation Structuring

After the feasibility study of the project, ITARE, through its expertise in the financial sector, develops the operation structuring:

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