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10 March 2021

ITARE was interviewed by the German Trade Agency to discuss how italian companies manage to close deals in African countries.  

With this document, ITARE shows the monitoring of the COVID-19 impact in Africa. Which countries have been affected the most? How are they recovering?

20 May 2020

ITARE is one of the strategic partners selected by Banca Sella to start TRACE, the innovative consulting portal dedicated to SMEs with the focus on recovering after the COVID-19 emergency.   

With this note, ITARE starts monitoring the effects of the COVID-19 pademic within the African Sub-Saharan. The contagion of COVID-19 in Africa is still limited. Today (Arpil 15th 2020), there are reistered 14.524 confirmed cases.  

Africa is the least developed region in the world. The strategy to lift the continet out of poverty remains elusive. The various strands of economic development strategy put different emphasis on the role of government and the private sector.

Kampala – ITARE and its partner Kankan Holding, arranged an event in Kampala, aimed at presenting their activities to the Ugandan Community and faclilitating the raltions between Italian companies, banks and their local counterparties.

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