• Raoul AscariChairman

    From 2000 to 2016 he worked for SACE S.p.A. covering various positions, including Chief Operating Officer. Formerly he served as Chairman of the Medium-Long Term Committee for the Berne Union. He held the office of Vice President for the International Finance Corporation and Director of the Washington DC Office for Fiat USA. He also gained managerial experience in the World Bank as Advisor to the Italian Executive Director.

  • Riccardo FanelliManaging Director

    He was responsible for the “New Frontiers - Africa Program” in SACE until June 2016. He has more than 20 years of experience in the export credit insurance business and previously he was the Head of SACE’s Office in Johannesburg competent for SACE’s activity in 49 countries. Earlier he headed up SACE’s Kenya desk in Nairobi at the African Trade Insurance Agency. Before moving to Africa, he was the Head of the Bank Risk Assessment and monitoring Team and he headed the Group’s domestic network of SACE’s credit and risk analysis department in Rome.

  • Roberto TariccoAdvisor Asset & Risk Management

    From 2007 to February 2017 he worked for SACE S.p.A. covering various positions, including Chief Financial Officer. Previously he worked for BNL, Citibank, Benetton Group, Merrill Lynch, MCC and Agora SGR, dealing mainly with integrated credit risk management, market liquidity assets and liabilities.

  • Gaetano LaccaTrade Finance Advisor

    He worked for many years for FIAT S.p.A. in the position of Structured Finance Director. He has been involved in the management and structuring of complex operations in many countries and sectors: automotive, air and rail transport, defense equipment, civil and infrastructure works. He has extensive experience in emerging markets and cross-border transactions. He was a Member of the SACE BT Board of Directors and a consultant for SACE S.p.A.

  • Giorgio TraiettiHead of Business Development

    He worked for SACE S.p.A. from 2009 to 2017, first as Political Risk Insurance Underwriter, and later as an Account Manager at the SACE Branch in Modena from 2011, then as Head of East Africa in Nairobi from 2015.

  • Charles Dadié DagoAgribusiness Advisor

    He is currently Head of Relations with National and International Institutions for Self Globe, Professor at the Universities of Sassari and La Sapienza in Rome and President of AgrotechSD. He was Co-ordinator of the Italian Breeders Association, FAO Consultant and founder of FESASS (European Federation for Animal Health and Health Security).

  • Pierluigi BelliniSenior Financial Analyst

    For many years, he acted as Senior Business Economist firstly at Fiat and later  at Ford. Then, he held the position of Senior Macro & Industrial Economist at the Inter-American Development Bank and he was also the Associate Director of IHS Markit.

  • Davide AggazzottiFinancial Analyst

    After pursuing a master's degree in financial analysis, consultancy and management, he worked for SACE and subsequently for PwC Italy, as a financial consultant.

  • Federica FratoniAdministration

    After a Bachelor's degree in Interpreting and Translation, she has been pursuing a Master's Degree in Strategic Studies and Diplomatic Sciences.