ITARE offers business development, financial advisory services and technical assistance for project execution to individual clients and the set-up of value and supply chains.

ITARE operates in emerging markets, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East in three key sectors:

  • Infrastructure

    e.g. social infrastructure, water resources, transport and energy.

  • Agri-business

    e.g. integrated agriculture, livestock, fishing and logistic pojects and programs.

  • Smart Solutions

    e.g. renewable energies, environmental protection, ICT-based solutions.

ITARE’s ability to identify business opportunities and to mobilize the best resources to pursue them, rests on three key assets:

  • A team of experts, with extensive experience in structuring and implementing complex financial schemes in emerging markets.
  • A network of partners, able to optimize the value and scope of the projects thanks to their technical and on-the-ground experience.
  • A diversified portfolio of clients, engaged in a long term relationships to achieve ambitious goals.