ITARE offers business development and financial advisory services as well as technical assistance for project execution, working either as an individual key player or through the set-up of efficient value and supply chains.

ITARE operates in markets with the highest growth potential, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa in three key sectors:

  • Infrastructure

    Including conservation, treatment, management and purification of water, transport and energy.

  • Agri-business

    With particular attention to integrated agriculture and animal husbandry.

  • Smart Solutions

    Such as renewable energies, environmental protection, software and smart cities.

ITARE’s ability to identify solid business opportunities and to mobilize the best resources required to pursue them, rests on four key assets:

  1. A team of experts, with extensive experience in structuring and implementing complex financial schemes in emerging markets.
  2. The support from our shareholders, leaders in relevant markets, involved daily in business strategies and their execution.
  3. A network of partners, able to increase the value and scope of the projects thanks to many years of technical and executive experience.
  4. A wide and diversified portfolio of clients, including Italian manufacturing and finance firms, foreign governments and private companies, able to engage in solid medium to long term relationships that are essential to achieving ambitious goals.