ITARE is also the acronym for “ITAlian REsources”, a concept created to support Italian corporates and financial institutions in expanding their presence on global markets. It also expresses the company’s ability to identify effective solutions for customers and partners in order to achieve positive and lasting results.

Finally, ITARE is a village located in Kenya. It is the site where an infrastructure project is underway, which represents the cognitive process behind the company’s business model: to identify solid opportunities and mobilize the resources needed to implement them.



The logo


The ITARE logo depicts a spiral in perpetual motion.

The spiral is a geometric figure that is found in all cultures. The circular motion of the spiral starts from its point of origin and extends to infinity. Likewise, ITARE starts from its specialists, shareholders, partners and customers, then directs itself towards globalization through the progressive cyclical continuity of its rotation.

The objective is to promote international growth by involving the best ItAlian REsources to implement innovative projects in the most important economic sectors.

An essential part of the business strategy is to improve the quality of life in the countries where ITARE operates.