• Infrastructure

    ITARE is specialized in developing and structuring financial packages of infrastructure projects in sectors including but not limited to social infrastructure, water, transport and energy.

    The sector is considered strategic in order to spear socio-economic development and improve the operating environment for private players. To facilitate this growth process, ITARE can offer a wide range of financial solutions: from EPC with Finance, to Project Finance, to Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

  • Agribusiness

    The agricultural and zootechnical sectors offer great opportunities to companies that are traditionally specialized in agribusiness.

    Rota Guido S.r.l, ITARE's minority shareholder and market leader in several value-chain projects in the sector, is a manufacturing company specializes in agro-zoo technical technology and equipment (www.rotaguido.it). Thanks to its ability to organize and integrate firms in a single value-chain, Rota Guido is able to offer complete solutions to ITARE's clients in emerging markets. These solutions span from ground preparation, to industrial trasformation, waste management and energy production.

  • Smart Solutions

    Sustainability is a fundamental component in ITARE projects. Renewable energy, environmental protection, the use of innovative techniques and software are key goals to be pursued both as a single opportunity and within larger projects.

    In this sense, ITARE's value chains incorporate companies that offer cutting edge solutions in multiple fields.

    ITARE is active in the implementation of "Smart Cities" - urban areas designed to combine integrated technology and resource optimization - to answer the urbanization process that is taking place in many emerging countries.