• Concrete Solutions

    Concrete Solutions supports Italian companies operating in the building sector and characterized by a strong inclination to internationalization. Representing the MADE IN ITALY for more than 50 years, they are able to provide any personalised solution for the realization of concrete products.

    Concrete Solutions combines the technical-commercial expertise of these companies and the ITARE’s financial solutions allowing their partners to finalize investments in a more competitive way.

    The principal Concrete Solutions benefit is to gather complementary companies in the concrete sector, in order to cover the entire value chain.

    Find out more information about Concrete Solutions and download our brochure on the Concrete Solution page.

  • Smart Infrastructure

    ITARE has developed a program dedicated to Italian companies operating in construction and new technologies (concrete, plastics, lighting, ICT, renewable energy, etc.) The program is devoted to companies that are seeking to expand their operations in to emerging markets with the aim of offering technologically advanced urban solutions that are environmentally sustainable. ITARE provides access to competitive financial packages required to support these endeavours.

    Below are some of the benefits companies would enjoy as participating members of this initiative:

    • Networking and matching, in order to generate direct and indirect business opportunities.
    • Aggregation in value chains for complex projects.
    • Dedicated ITARE staff with financial expertise to represent the various companies.
    • ITARE’s foreign network: logistical support, business reports, meeting organization, missions and local counterpart relations.
    • Trade finance products to cover risks of non-payment.
    • Assistance in the realization of complex turnkey projects.
  • Food Sector

    ITARE’s Food Program aims to promote the exchange of food products between Italy and Africa by supporting small and medium-sized Italian enterprises in creating trade opportunities in African countries for both on export and import markets.

    The services ITARE offers to companies in the sector can be categorized into three types:

    1. Import-Export Trade Services
      • Development of direct contact networks
      • Creating on-site showrooms
      • Identification of local agents / dealers
      • Developing medium to long-term business strategies
      • Defining e-commerce platforms, even in partnership with companies already in the market
    2. Financial Services / Insurances
      • Finding insurance policies for commercial risk
      • Opening Letters of Credit
      • Corporate finance (e.g. Discount of Receivables, Working Capital)
    3. Advisory Services for the realization and financing of foreign direct investments, in commercial and / or productive structures.
  • Financial Institutions

    ITARE has signed a collaboration agreement with a leading Italian banking group to support the Bank’s clients to develop business in Africa.

    The project consists of designing tailor made partnership programs between ITARE and individual companies, aimed at providing a full range of services for the penetration of African markets.

    The support that ITARE is able to offer to companies includes:

    • Structuring the business model (potential markets, products and market penetration strategies).
    • Approaching markets through group and / or individual roadshows.
    • Conducting research on partners and counterparts, as well as developing a network of relationships with businesses and banks alongside local and Italian insurance companies.
    • Business development and research of specific opportunities.
    • Managing relationships with banks, insurance companies and other stakeholders for the purpose of negotiating and structuring financial offers.
    • Facilitation of Insurance services for risks related to internationalization.
    • Value chain for turnkey projects and complex solutions.

    Companies will therefore benefit from ITARE’s experience in finance and they can count on it’s international network to expand their business in high potential markets that are not easily penetrable.

    At the same time, the Bank can offer a broader range of services to its clientele, as well as create a virtuous circuit for its own business volumes.

    In addition, the Bank will benefit from ITARE in terms of:

    • Harnessing the African market through it’s international network.
    • Identifying and structuring export credit deals (e.g. Buyer Credit).
    • Identifying and structuring of other types of trade finance operations (e.g. Supplier Credit, Letters of Credit, Issuing of Bonds).
    • Monitoring of disbursements, risks and counterparts.