• Concrete Solutions

    Concrete Solutions supports Italian companies operating in the building sector and characterized by a strong inclination to internationalization. Representing the MADE IN ITALY for more than 50 years, they are able to provide any personalised solution for the realization of concrete products.

    Concrete Solutions combines the technical-commercial expertise of these companies and the ITARE’s financial solutions allowing their partners to finalize investments in a more competitive way.

    The principal Concrete Solutions benefit is to gather complementary companies in the concrete sector, in order to cover the entire value chain.

    Find out more information about Concrete Solutions and download our brochure on the Concrete Solution page.

  • 4 Checks 4 Import

    4C4I is the solution developed by ITARE and its financial partner, which both helps companies from emerging markets to finalize purchasing operation from other countries with financial solutions at competitive interest rate.

    If you need to import and you already know your supplier, we can support you to optimize the deal’s financial structure. If you do not know someone that sells the goods or services you need, we can help you to find it.

    The program is organized on two steps:

    4Checks, Import Review: within 48 hours you can obtain a valuation on the operation’s feasibility and the best commercial and financial procedures to structure it.

    4Import, Go Import: If the operation is possible, you can take advantage of the ITARE Team’s support in the development of the transaction, agreeing on the specific methods of the collaboration.

    Find out more information about 4 CHECKS 4 IMPORT and fill your Import Review on the 4 CHECKS 4 IMPORT page.

  • Model Farm

    The Model Farm is the successful answer to the Africa’s demand of integrated and self-sufficient zoo-technical centres. The Model Farm is an original solution ideated and invented by ITARE and its partner ROTA GUIDO srl.

    The commercial package incorporates financial solutions that allow the foreign counterpart to pay for the program over a number of years, at competitive interest rates and a multi-year technical assistance program, which enables the local staff to receive appropriate training.

    Find out more information about the program on the Model Farm page.

  • Social Housing

    ITARE and its construction sector’s partner studied an innovative system that gives the possibility to build any type of construction using mechanical connectors instead of traditional building system with a large saving in terms of money and time.

    The ITARE Team’s financial experience also allows to propose various financial solutions in order to support Social Housing projects: from currency financing formulas such as export credit to others based on finance mechanisms for social and affordable dwelling and for the real estate sector.

    Find out more information about the program on the Social Housing page.