Italian companies with the ability to implement important projects

Support for SMEs in
global markets

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Offering indispensable financial services and needs both at home and abroad

supporting financial

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Technical assistance and training to emerging market governments

supporting export
promotion schemes

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ITARE offers business development services, financial advisory, technical assistance for project implementation and execution


Our clients:

  • Italian and International Enterprises, expanding their presence on global markets.
    ITARE supports SMEs entering in new emerging markets and Large Enterprises in the implementation of their global reach. In order to give the best suitable solutions to our clients, ITARE can work either as an individual key player or through the set-up of efficient value-chains and supply chains.
  • Financial institutions (Banks and Insurances) looking at new ways and means to support their clients on global markets.
    Through the cooperation with ITARE they can offer wider commercial networks and a broader range of products and services to their own clients. This “coalition of interests” paves the way to offer fully integrated solutions to ultimate buyers and borrowers.
  • Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) and other institutions supporting International Trade.
    ITARE’s team offers its consolidated expertise to newly created Institutions that want to be active in the area of Trade Finance and Export Credit.

ITARE’s target market is a global one. We operate in markets with the highest growth potential, with a focus on the Sub-Saharan African continent and on three key sectors:

  • Infrastructure, including water and sanitation, transportation and power generation.
  • Agri-Business, with particular attention on integrated farming and zoo-technical projects.
  • Green Technologies, such as renewable energy, environmental protection, smart cities etc.

Business scope

Italian small scale enterprises

ITARE’s business concept combines the small dimension of Italian firms with the ability to deliver major projects for size and complexity.

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Financial institutions

Offering indispensable financial services and needs both at home and abroad, Italian financial institutions are key players in the projects originated by ITARE.

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Export promotion schemes

The extensive experience in the export credit business and the broad network of partners allow ITARE to offer technical assistance and training services.

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Water and sanitation. Transportation. Power generation.

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Integrated farming and zoo-technical projects.

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Green technologies

Renewable energy, environment, smart cities.

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The enterprise network

A large number of Italian SMEs clients willing to organize themselves in value/supply chains under the leadership of a leader (i.e. main contractor).

The italian-system

The support of Italian public institutions committed to international trade and investment and the consolidated relationship with private banks and insurance companies.

The expertise in emerging markets

ITARE has cemented strong relationships with private and public partners in key emerging markets thanks to the experience of its team, shareholders, partners and clients.

The technical expertise

ITARE team and partners, with vast professional experience in emerging markets, business development, finance and insurance.